Young Workforce

Favourable demographics and consistent investment in education ensure a plentiful supply of highly qualified workers with excellent technical, language and customer service capabilities, as well as a reputation for flexibility and innovation:

  • Youngest workforce in Europe, with 36% under 25 years of age.
  • An excellent educational system and a Government strategy committed to securing the highest-level research talent from Ireland and abroad and to a doubling in the number of PhDs by 2013.
  • Total spend on higher education increased by an average of 10% per annum over the 10 years to 2008 (compared to a European average of 3%).
  • Wide skills base in high value manufacturing, global business services and RD&I.
  • English mother tongue and ready supply of multilingual skills.
  • Workforce with an excellent reputation for customer service, flexibility and creativity.
Demographic forecasts show the population growing by 30% to over 5.3 million by 2020: this means sustained strong growth in the labour supply that will far outstrip that in other EU countries


Substantial Industrial Base

Kerry has established a substantial industrial base with national and international companies. The range of products range from financial services to textiles. These include FEXCO (Killorglin), Kerry Group,Astellas, Temmler, Liebherr (Killarney). There has been a surge in the number of the indigenous businesses resulting in a growing base of small and medium manufacturing and service businesses.